Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 5/11/2016 Location of Interesting Flower -- Franciscan Onion?
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Teri Barry writes: :This looks a lot like Allium peninsulare var. franciscanum, but am not sure based on the close up. I suggest you share this photo with the Herbarium group. If my educated guess is correct we have a listed plant in a location I don't think we have reported yet."

Here are some photos to give context to the photo. I now believe it was on Trail 5, not too far above San Francisquito Creek. It could even have been on Trail 1 next to the creek. See the times of these photos and their locations, and make up your own mind.

Please leave a comment if you know the ID.

I originally reported this to be on Trail 4 below the dam. I now feel it was probably on Trail 5, walking down toward the creek. Sorry, I was busy leading a group at the time and did not take notes -- or many photos.
Fish in Searsville LakeStriped Coralroot Orchid (Corallorzia striata)Striped Coralroot Orchid (Corallorzia striata)Franciscan Onion (Allium peninsulare var. franciscanum) (?)Flowers of California Buckeye (Aesculus californica)