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The Center for Photographic Art, in Carmel, recently held a photo contest, for single images. This inspired me to go back over my work and select those I like best, and/or think might win. Here is the result.

The first 15 images are the ones I submitted. Which are your favorites? Mine is #15, Father and Child -- maybe because it is my family? The CPA chose another one. What's yours?

In any case, it was fun going over my work, reliving some good times. I hope you enjoy these as well. Best wishes, Dan Quinn (September 2016)
Two BodhisattvasTwisted CedarWoodland TrailPond ViewPoppyShooting Star and DewMale Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana)Ant's WorldBeetle in Suncups FlowerSpider in DewSea Lion DreamAutumn TrailUpper Yosemite Falls (Up Close)AnticipationFather and ChildHelping MamaMarket, Santiago AtitlanWalking into ChurchWatching the parade: cheering & crying for parents marching in Gay Pride Parade, San Francisco, 2004Welcome to Spring