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We fly across Windy Hill, to the coast, and south to Davenport. We photograph the new Sempervirens property, Cotoni Coast Ridge. And the Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument, the Great Park, and more. A few views across the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Bay to Mount Diablo. What a wonderful place we live in!

We hit the coast in time to see the lifting fog relinquishing its hold there, and to see some strange puffs of fog linger over coastal cliffs. The cliffs themselves make a repetitive pattern -- steep claws jutting out into the ocean, accumulating sand beaches on their (nominal) north sides, the side toward San Francisco.

Inland, the Santa Cruz Mountains are a jumble of hills and hollows, covered in chaparral, forest, and grassland. Forest and farmland -- no cities or major roads. A good basis for a Great Park.
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