Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 4/30/2017 Woodpecker Aerobatics, Feasting on Termites -- and More
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A spring morning full of adventure. Several birds: mourning doves, western bluebirds, wild turkeys -- and another instance of acorn woodpeckers going wild over an eruption of termites. Yes, these woodpeckers care about more than acorns. Even a lone egg, resting in the grass: perhaps we frightened its roosting mother?

A Pacific chorus frog, active during the day, tried to stay motionless as I maneuvered my camera to focus on it, hiding deep in the grass.

I also captured several nice images of flowers, dew, and insects today. These are in the group "Adventures on a Smaller Scale".

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9/22/13 Woodpecker Aerobatics, Feasting on Termites. Quite a different location, same behavior, not quite as frenzied.

5/25/10 Mourning Dove Nest and More Birding -- two eggs this time. And the bird exploded from the grass when I was less than two meters away -- startling! Very close to the same place as this time, a month later, drier grass.
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