Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 2/25-27/2016 Springtime near Searsville Lake and the Blue Oak Forest
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From Searsville Lake at first light, a large group of Canada geese take flight for their daytime activities. Mist rises, the moon sets. Later, startled deer look back from the forest of blue oaks. As the light increases, we visit forest, mushrooms, flowers, and buckeye trees with new spring leaves. Water pours over Searsville Dam.

Two days later. in the afternoon, a lazy rattlesnake rests in a hollow log that once gave shelter to a ground squirrel. An acorn woodpecker looks out from a valley oak, resplendent in new light-green leaves. Dusk settles in over Searsville Lake, the last rays of light picking out the bare limbs of a valley oak growing at shoreline.

Two days, two times, one set of locations: around Searsville Lake, and up into the blue oak forest and back.
Approaching DawnMoonset in Oak BranchesSearsville Dam at DawnOff to a New DayOff to a New Day (2)Laggard PairLaggard Pair (2)Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) OverheadMorning Mist on Searsville LakeMoon across Searsville LakeMale Mallard Ducks (Anas platyhynchos) in FlightSearsville Lake at DawnAcross Searsville Lake at DawnSearsville Lake from AboveSearsville Dam from AboveSearsville Lake from Above (Wide Angle)Woodland Trail (Again)Blue Oak Forest, Early LightDeer in Blue Oak ForestFungus from Oak Log -- Top View