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On a family hike down to Raisin Lake, we saw animals, flowers, insects, and sweeping Sierra views.
Belding's Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus beldingi)Lone Tree, Cathedral PeakPuddleFlowers and GraniteTwo Long-Eared Chipmunks (Tamias quadrimaculatus) (?)05_DanQuinnDJQ_265506_DanQuinnDJQ_265007_DanQuinnDJQ_266808_DanQuinnDJQ_267909_DanQuinnDJQ_267910_DanQuinnDJQ_267311_DanQuinnDJQ_268912_DanQuinnDJQ_2709Pride of the Mountains Penstemon (P. newberryi var. newbarryi)Ant into FlowerField of LupinesRaisin Lake and Mt. HoffmannRaisin LakeRipples in Raisin LakeResting beside Raisin Lake