Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 7/14/2018 Autumn Ramble with Geese
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Yes, I know it is the middle of July. And we had a rainstorm 30 hours ago. Nevertheless, it sure feels like autumn, wandering down Trail 5.

We start before sunrise, on a deeply overcast day. A group of Canada geese surprises us at the dam -- many more take a few more minutes to appreciate the quiet morning on the lake, before gathering together for the group departure. (A few decided to stay even longer, perhaps all day...)

(A Caspian tern circles, dives, circles again. If you really care, check out the "Rejects" folder nearby -- no good photos of this behavior.)

Turning away from the lake, we enter autumn. Colorful poison oak surrounds the large dusky footed woodrat nest. Fallen leaves adorn the trail down to the placid creek. Not just buckeyes: many trees and plants have brown and yellow leaves.

A few late-spring flowers do remain. A crab spider sits in one, patiently waiting for whatever happens by, not visibly bothered by the intrusive photographer. Leopard lillies and sweet peas linger in the shade along the creek.

And as usual, the acorn woodpeckers hang out at their granary tree.

Some of my photos this dark morning are not really fit for prime time -- yet they may be interesting to at least one person. So if you want, feel free to check out the "Rejects" folder next to this one. And please leave a comment if you know a better ID or have anything to add.
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