Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 1/31/2018 Eclipse, then Birds and More
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The eclipsed moon sets at sunrise -- a rare event. Dawn at Jasper Ridge. A nice walk, meeting several birds, including a hummingbird, a kite, robins -- and turkeys. Spring is coming to the ridge.

While most of these images were captured at Jasper Ridge, I did begin photographing the spectacular moon and sky from near my home in Portola Valley. The skies were clear; I am sure these views were the same from both locations.
Eclipsed MoonEclipsed Moon (Detail)Coming out of the ShadowComing out of the Shadow (Detail)Coming out of the Shadow (2)Dawn LightLone Oak with Setting MoonLone Oak with Setting Moon (2)Lone Oak with Setting Moon (3)MoonGoodbye MoonGoodbye Moon (2)Dawn OakDawn SkyMore Dawn SkySunrise hits the Lone OakLone Oak in Full SunSunriseValley Oak with Toyon before SunriseValley Oak with Toyon at Sunrise