Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 10/20/2017 Lone Valley Oak
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Near the intersection of Trail 15 with Road F, near the top of the ridge, stands a lone valley oak in the middle of the grasslands. You know it is a favorite of mine, a home for barn owls, and a refuge for birds and animals. Here are eleven views of this lone oak from different perspectives. Many of them show the magnificent sky we had this day.

Plus, there are two more glimpses of this oak in the first folder, Dawn Traverse, behind the ranger.
Poison Oak with Coyote BrushLone Valley Oak, Dawn SkyLone Valley Oak, Dawn Sky (2)Lone Valley Oak, Dawn Sky (3)Valley Oaks, Clothed and NakedValley Oaks, Clothed and Naked (2)Lone Valley Oak, Looking WestLone Valley Oak and Windy HillLone Valley Oak and Toyon OakLone Valley Oak at MiddayLone Valley Oak on Road F