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Heads, bodies, and legs of larger ants litter the entranceway to a harvester-ant nest; some residents are cleaning up while others bring in the harvest.

Two other insect encounters are here, with a grasshopper and a butterfly.

As usual, please leave a comment with an ID, or any other comment -- on a individual photo! Do you know the ID of the ant body pieces?
ButterflyGrasshopperStationary GrasshopperStationary GrasshopperNest of Harvester Ants (Veromessor andrei)Nest of Harvester Ants (Veromessor andrei)  (Closer)Nest of Harvester Ants (Veromessor andrei)  (Even Closer)Harvester Ants (Veromessor andrei) Carry Pieces of AntsJunk PileJunk Pile (Wider View)Junk Pile with WorkersJunk Pile with Workers (Detail)Junk Pile with Workers (2)Junk Pile with Workers (2) (Detail)Harvesting SeedsHarvesting Seeds (Detail)Harvesting Seed (2)How Long can she Wait?DetritusSupporting the Large Head