Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 5/17/2017 Life Goes On: Tree Swallows Feeding Young at Fallen Oak
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In a rare afternoon visit, I check out the fallen valley oak near the Visitors' Parking Lot. It is sad to see this iconic oak suffer such a major loss -- and I am glad that I and others have been able to document its life up to now.

The limb fell on or after 4/4/2017 (see my image nearby), and on or before 4/13. (Thanks, Carl Cheney!) It has been left where it fell. (Thanks, JR!) A month later, the tree swallows (?) nesting in the fallen limb have adjusted to the sudden change in the orientation of their nest. They are still raising their young; one youngster has left the nest to perch on the fallen limb, waiting to be fed. Other(s) still remain in the nest, as evidenced by the frequent visits of the adults, perching on the threshold and sticking their heads into the hole.

A vulture circles overhead, ready to clean up should there be a death nearby.
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