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There are two main kinds of images here:
1) Good images of the trees and places I love. I may have overdone this -- some of you may not actually want to see one more great image of the Lone Valley Oak. So enjoy if you like these, and breeze by when you get overloaded. (And if you want a nice print of any of these to hang on your wall, leave a comment or email me!)

2) Record shots of other oak trees, perhaps affected by SOD. Jan suggested I keep a record of what the Preserve looked like in December 2016. It might be interesting to look back, a decade from now.

First, check out the adjacent collection, "Overview", for a summary of the day, including a few good images of trees. Then, if you are inspired, check out the other good ones here. Enjoy, as it moves you!
Waiting for the GateGateway Valley OaksGateway Valley OaksPhainopepla Tree at DawnMistletoe Valley OakRobins at Dawn?Lone Valley OakLone Valley Oak in GrasslandsLone Valley OakOakBare OakOaks, Grassland, Windy HillThree Oaks, Grassland, Windy HillTwo Oaks, Grassland, Windy HillTwo OaksTwo Oaks with MistletoeUnder the Mistletoe OakLone Valley OakLone Valley OakOaks, Ridge, Windy Hill