Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 10/26/2016 Deer, Birds, Oaks, and More
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A curious buck stood frozen, staring at me, for six minutes while I walked closer and composed images. Then he joined the herd, browsing the chaparral and grassland.

A kite kited, still in the air, rapidly descended to grab a vole, then flew off with its catch -- to its mate or offspring? (Earlier, I had seen a sweet bonded pair fly in that direction.)

Sparrows posed in a stand of bare poison oak.

Another nice morning out of Escobar Gate. Today was the one clear day in a week of hard rain. Early fog over Windy Hill. Many chances to see chaparral, oaks, and grasslands in the morning light. Spring is coming -- new growth emerges. A few new locations, and some old favorites.

Nearby, you can find more-detailed collections of the kite, kiting and hunting. And the posing sparrows.

As always, please leave a comment if you know an ID or have something to add!! Enjoy!
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