Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 9/27/2016 Birding from Escobar Gate: Old Favorites Seen Again
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September: the winding down of autumn. Valley oaks and blue oaks still have their leaves, but are getting ready to shed them until the spring rains come again. (Yes, I consider the beginning of the wet season to be the beginning of spring here, even if it does come in November or December.) Tarantulas dig nests; parachute spiders ride long distances on the wind.

I revisit several of my favorite locations, and cannot resist capturing yet another nice image of these iconic oaks.

The birding transect of September 2016.
View from Jasper RidgeRadio Telescope from Jasper RidgeTarantula LairLone Blue Oak from Road F"Phainopepla Tree""Lone Valley Oak"SpiderwebChaparral, Valley Oak, and Windy HillValley Oak with ToyonThree Oak SpeciesThree Oak Species (Closer)Lone Blue Oak from Road F