Zenfolio | Photography by Dan Quinn | 3/20/2015 Jasper Ridge and SLAC from the Air
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My neighbor Derek Hine took me and some neighbors on an aerial tour of the coast and the Bay Area. (THANKS!) We flew over the proposed Santa Cruz Redwoods National Monument; up the coast to San Francisco; SF and the Golden Gate Bridge; then back to Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Portola Valley Ranch, Stanford, and the Palo Alto Airport near the baylands. A wonderful trip. We were moving pretty fast, the enclosed cockpit was above the wings, and the day was overcast: a few challenges for a photographer. Still, I took a few photos.

Here are views of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve and SLAC from the air, including the surroundings: Portola Valley, Stanford main campus, San Francisco Bay, Mount Tamalpais, the San Andreas Fault, and more. THANKS, Derek!

For more images taken on this trip, see the folder "Gallery > Bay Area > Coast and Redwoods > 3/20/2015".
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