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A tour of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. I started and ended at Searsville Lake, near the Sun Research Center. Going across the dam, I then followed Trails 14, 8, & 7 up past the Hillside Lab (the former shack of the Shack Riders, a men's horseback-riding club). At the intersection of Trails 7 & 6, red berries announced madrone & toyon. Convergent evolution? Down Trail 6 & Trail 5, to the top of Rattlesnake Ridge, the location of Rattlesnake Rock. Eocene sandstone & lichen. SLAC power lines. Blue oak forest, mostly bare branches. Above Trail a, then across and up the back of Rattlesnake Rock to what I call the Sacred Space: a former ceremonial spot used by Native Americans. Then down Rattlesnake Rock to the grinding stone at the bottom, back along Herb Dengler's Trail 1 and Road C to the Sun Research Center for a brown-bag lecture.

Thanks to Bob Dodge for pointing out the mountain lion scat near the Sacred Space, and for encouraging me to post these images sooner rather than later.

A nearby collection documents the five Native American grinding holes (mortars) that I saw in the sandstone at the Sacred Space.
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