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The trail to Flag Rock starts from the Horse Pasture Trail. This area was completely burned in 2008. Two years later, blossoms and insects abounded, and the Chaparral was in the process of renewal. These images were taken during a botanizing workshop with Diane Renshaw, Gloria Lee, and Judith Randall in May 2010. Please email me with IDs & suggested captions. See also my comparison of 2009 & 2010, showing the sequence of the recovery.
FlagRockDQ01_DJQ9603FlagRockDQ02_DJQ9614FlagRockDQ03_DJQ9621FlagRockDQ04_DJQ9628FlagRockDQ05_DJQ9656FlagRockDQ06_DJQ9658FlagRockDQ07_DJQ9664Pretty FacePretty FaceFlagRockDQ10_DJQ9688FlagRockDQ11_DJQ97322010FlagRockDQ12_DJQ9776FlagRockDQ13_DJQ9811FlagRockDQ15_DJQ9864FlagRockDQ16_DJQ988320102010FlagRockDQ18_DJQ9893FlagRockDQ20_DJQ9900