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The world is analog. When I capture an image, the pixels enter a digital world. I use Adobe Lightroom and (seldom) Photoshop to adjust the images to correspond to what I saw when I captured the photograph, to crop and adjust light temperature -- all digital. When I make prints for Jasper Ridge, this is all done digitally.

Rob Buelteman, "Professor Analog", has a different approach: see <> & <> . I am honored and proud that my images share the front/back/inside covers with Rob's.

When the Annual Report is printed, the images re-enter the analog world. As I understand it, the conversion from RGB to CMYK, and the production of the 4 CMYK plates used for printing, is largely digital. But the use of these plates to put ink on paper is analog to the core.

Campbell Graphics kindly allowed me to observe Ron as he printed the cover page of the Jasper Ridge 2010 Annual Report. Here is some of what I saw.

Thanks to Carolyn Gale for helping to set this up, and to Campbell Graphics, and especially Ron Nielsen, for allowing me to observe.
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