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Photos of the people sharing the trip with us, and some of those we met along the way. If you are comfortable being identified, leave a comment on your photo. Some of these photos are pretty scenic as well...
Photo OpFather & DaughterTour Group1106PeruPeople04_DJQ18031106PeruPeople05_DJQ18391106PeruPeople06_DSC7112How to make a Piso SourHow to make a Piso SourHow to make a Piso SourRewardStaff at Salkantay Lodge1106PeruPeople12_DJQ22961106PeruPeople13_DJQ2305Taking a Break1106PeruPeople15_DSC73391106PeruPeople16_DSC7344Helen HikingHigh PassTowels1106PeruPeople20_DJQ2728