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La Trinidad is a small village on the slopes of Volcano Fuego in Guatemala. While it is not too far from Guatemala City and the old capital, Antigua Guatemala, it is remote and difficult to access. The dirt road to the village fords a stream; when the volcano is particularly active, hot rocks roll downstream, cutting off the town for a few days. Heavy rainfall also floods the crossing once in a while.

La Trinidad is a cooperative community of returned refugees.

In 2003, Rogelia Cruz Estrada came to La Trinidad to facilitate a communal process to develop and execute a mural on their community hall. This was part of Rogelia's undergraduate thesis in 2006 from ENAH (National School of Anthropology and History) in Mexico City.

Creating the mural was a process of community remembrance and community building. Everyone, old and young, met to discuss what to show and how. It was important to preserve their own history to pass it to the next generations.

These images show the mural they created.

Rogelia has led several mural projects. For instance, see the nearby folder, Chukmuk Dos.
Volcano Fuego above CornfieldsFounding Stone, Colonia 15 de Octubre La TrinidadCentral Meeting Hall, La TrinidadMural on Community HallMural 1: Map and Original CommunityMap of Community Exodus and ReturnThe Original CommunityDiscovery in the FieldsMural 2: OppressionMural 3: FlightMural 4: RefugeesDetail of Mural 4 to the LeftMural 5; ReturnMural 3 Again: Return to La TrinidadReturn to La Trini (Detail)Mural 2 Again: Settling DownTrabajo Comun para el Bien ComunCity on a HillMural 1 Again: Life in the Community TodayLife Today (Detail)