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Harvester ants (Messor andrei) have several nests along the back roads we walked. Very active in the late morning. Tuned to see ants by my Jasper Ridge ant survey experience, I spent some time with these. Quite an active nest, with many seeds and dead insects littering the area. One ant tried to turn over a ladybug.
Harvester Ants with LadybugHarvester Ant with LadybugHarvester Ants with LadybugScrambleHarvester Ant (Messor andrei)Dead BeetleAnts with LadybugInspecting the LadybugInspecting the LadybugTrying to Turn the Ladybug OverAnt PanoramaAnt Hurries over SeedFurtive Insect (on the right)Furtive Insect with Dead AntsDead AntsAnt ScrambleHarvester Ant (Messor andrei)Ant Scramble (Detail)Ants with SeedAnts with Seeds