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Here are some images from April visits in past years, primarily 2012. The tidy tips (Layia platyglossa) are especially prominent. What a lovely place to enjoy the spring!
Dew-covered FlowersTidy Tips in DewTidy Tips with Serpentine RockWestern Scrub Jay on Lichen-covered Serpentine RockLupine FlowersBeetles on Tattered Tidy TipsMule Ears to SkylineMule EarsFlowersFlowersField of FlowersPoppies with Tidy TipsTidy Tips with Serpentine RockSpider Web among FlowersOwls Clover and Tidy TipsPoppies, Insect, Owls CloverCoast Live Oaks and Valley OakFlowersThe Bay from Edgewood ParkThe Bay from Edgewood Park