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Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve is on the San Francisco Peninsula, above Palo Alto, California -- see Its 1200 acres comprise a rich mixture of California ecosystems. Biological and other research has been carried out for 30 years and more. My Docent Project in 2008 was to create a portfolio of artistic nature prints. Since then, the Preserve has drawn me back again and again, often in the early light. The annual cycles of its many ecosystems and their linked inhabitants fascinate me.

Since this collection was formed, I have continued to visit Jasper Ridge. There are some good images in the Jasper Ridge Galleries: macros of ants, insects, etc in "Adventures on a Smaller Scale", and other images, from individual flowers and small newts to landscapes, in "A Day at a Time."
Woodland TrailIndian Warrior Beneath OaksIndian Warrior beneath Oaks (2)Pond ViewShooting Star & DewPoppyFlower RendezvousFlower Rendezvous (2)Flower VisitorMosquito on Blue DickMariposa Lily VisitorFlower WorldSeed DreamSpider in WebChalcedona Checkerspot ButterflyBanana Slug's WorldCalifornia NewtBunnyJackrabbit DreamJackrabbit