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Cobá has the tallest pyramid in Yucatan -- and it can be climbed! It is also the terminus of many sacbéob -- very level ceremonial roads, paved with shells. One leads 62 miles, to south of Chichen Itza. There are spiders in the jungle. Some iguana photos from the Tulum ruins are at the end.
Cobá, Nohoch Mul PyramidCobá, Nohoch Mul PyramidVisitors on the Great PyramidVisitors climb the Great PyramidCobá, Nohoch Mul PyramidCobá, Nohoch Mul PyramidView from the TopAll the way up there?On TopView from the Top of the Great Pyramid, CobáLooking down from the TopClimbing DownPyramid StepsJungle Path, CobáSacbéBall CourtDemonstrationDan at CobáRiding a Tricecleta at CobáIn an Archway