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Some photos from Helen's archives. Her family and some of Lynn's, the Tedses and Lynnses, at family gatherings from 1954 and 1961 or 1962. Plus older photos of Ted's father's family; Ted and his siblings; and a photo shoot just before Helen left Australia.
Arnold Family, 1894Ted Arnold's Family StoryArnolds in 1928 or 1929: Ted and SiblingsArnolds in 1928 or 1929: Ted and Siblings, StairstepArnolds at the Beach around 1950At Wingeel, 1954: Tedses on MyrtleAt Wingeel, 1954: Lynnses on MyrtleMarion Rhoda Walker, 1955Arnold Boys in Uniforms, 1958Ted Arnold Family and Cousins in 1960 or 1961Helen's Family All TogetherArnold Family (Helen's)Richard, John, Helen, GordonDougal and Bethica in Blue Mountains