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Early morning, wet sand, before the breeze kicked up -- Garth Harwood led a small group of us on Gazos Beach, a meeting place of wildlands and ocean. So many stories to read from the wet sand!

The highlight of the morning was the track of a great horned owl, who landed, walked back and forth, and took off again, leaving clear footprints and even some feather marks where it landed and took off.

We also saw tracks of deer, coyote, mice, other owls, sea birds, bobcat, and dogs. Worm tunnels. An old washed-up carcass of a seal or sea lion (?) And a beetle making its way across the sand. As well as seabirds, fog, sand, and waves.

Here is a challenge: please leave your own comments on the photos. The ID of the track or the bird(s), and what this feels like to you. Thanks, and have fun!