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A rare, evil-looking [Quinn, 2016] ant was found on manzanita. Here are some closeups. Also an aphid-like insect that is decorated as a fungus, and a heart pattern in a feather. All seen during the ant survey training, 9/12/2016. Other photos from today are in "A Day at a Time": fish, Searsville Lake, and more.
Aphid-like Insects on LeafAphid-like Insects on Leaf (Closer)Rare Twig Ant (Pseudomyrmex apache)Rare Twig Ant (Pseudomyrmex apache) in Sample BottleRare Twig Ant (Pseudomyrmex apache)Twig Ant (Pseudomyrmex apache)Twig Ant (Pseudomyrmex apache)A Feather with HeartHeart of the Feather