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Here are images of two species, mainly: carpenter ants (Camponotus semitestaeous, I believe) and humans (Homo sapiens). Their two worlds are at different scales, and intersect only briefly. It is interesting to compare the two. The humans are focused on the external world (finding ants, in this case). They gather around in a circle, each looking at one small point in the center -- but respecting each others' personal space. The ants seem driven by an internal compulsion, somewhat oblivious to external stimuli. They erupt out of a central hole, striving outward, yet falling back into the mass. They don't seem to respect each others' personal space.

We can recognize ants as fellow beings. When describing an ant's head, eyes, waist, or even antennae or wings, we gesture to our own bodies. But the feelers (?) coming from inside the ants' mouths really do gross me out.

I often separate my images into macros and others. Here, I leave the images in chronological order, letting the rhythm of the day move between portrait and macro, large and small scale, human and ant.

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