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In this drought, keep your birdbaths full!

Helen noticed some bluebirds hanging around. The birdbath *was* looking a little dingy. She added fresh water. A crowd of bluebirds appeared, waiting their turn, then taking a bath. Gents first.

The procedure is simple. Land in the water and make sure all is OK. Vigorously dip and shake in the water, getting water behind each feather. Finish with a shake of the tail. Repeat until satisfied. Leave, to make room for the next bird.

Western bluebirds, Sialia mexicana, are the icon of Portola Valley Ranch. Let's put out water for the birds and animals!
Waiting Her TurnFirst Get All WetProceed down to the TailA Final Shake of the WingsRest. Enjoy.Tail ShakeResting BluebirdClean EverywhereBluebird in BathShower TimeClean BluebirdNext!