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Jasper Ridge after a rare September rain. Birds bathing in a puddle. Preparation for the semi-annual ant survey. Macros from today are in the collection "Life on a Smaller Scale".
Male Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus)Male Acorn Woodpecker Taking a BathSplish SplashCleaning All OverSoggy WoodpeckerVisitor while at the BathBusy BathBusy BathA Discreet SipTwo BirdsAnother Sip, Another BathTwo BirdsDawn MoonMorning StretchLeslie Shao-ming Sun Field Station at Jasper Ridge Biological PreserveOaks at Jasper RidgeOaks at Jasper RidgeOaks at Jasper RidgeBlue Oaks (?) & MistletoeBlue Oaks (?) & Mistletoe