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I arrived early for the monthly bird transect, and came across a small spider dancing on the edge of a tiny seed. Harvester Ants (Messor andrei) were quite active in the morning sun -- even some winged females. Mariposa Lilies were at their peak in the grassland, in several locations. See "A Day at a Time" for the bird and deer images I took this morning. See my other "Adventures on a Smaller Scale" for earlier views of winged Messor Ants and Mariposa Lilies (two years ago).
SeedsSpider on SeedSpiderSpiderSpider on SeedSpider on SeedSpider on SeedSpider on SeedSpider on SeedSpider on SeedSeedpodSeedpodSeeds & PlantHarvester Ants (Messor Andrei) near the NestApproaching the AltarAnt ActivityAnt ActivityAnt ActivityAnt ActivityClimbing the Flowers