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Five Kites in one tree -- four juveniles and one adult. Kites with Voles in their grip, exchanging one in the air, and devouring others from a perch in a tree. A pair of Coyotes, hunting. Rabbits nibbling grass before dawn. A setting moon. A walk through the Chaparral, Oak Woodland, and Grassland, down Trail 9 and back up Trails 11 and 10.

For more photographs of juvenile and adult kites, perhaps at Jasper Ridge, check out Peter La Tourrette's web sites: <> for Kites; <> for many birds at Jasper Ridge; and <> for everything. For wonderful photos of Kites exchanging prey in the air, and a discussion, see <>. This is also in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Interesting discoveries at a Messor Ant nest are in "Adventureson a Smaller Scale".
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