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Moving day for a Harvester Ant (Messor andrei) nest. Perhaps some eggs... Also, a colony of tiny Pheidole californica ants, sharing the grassland with the Messors. And a fly. Landscapes and a Kite, seen on the same day, are in "A Day at a Time".
Ant on LichenHarvester Ant (Messor andrei) with GrassAnt with Grass (2)Pheidole californica AntsPheidole californica AntsFlyTrail of Moving Harvester Ants (Messor andrei)Moving DayMoving Day (Detail)Moving Day (Detail)Moving Day (Detail)Moving Day (Detail)Moving Day (Wide Angle View)Moving Day (Wide Angle View)Moving Day (Wide Angle View)Bowing DownBowing Down, Raising Leg