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Female & male winged Harvester Ants; yellowjacket wasp and Harvester Ants feeding and fighting at a Grasshopper carcass; and a grasshopper. All macros. IDs appreciated for the Yellowjacket wasp and grasshopper -- thanks! Another gallery holds other images from 7/22/2010, including bucks with antlers, a Turkey Vulture, and landscapes.
Harvester Ant Nest (Messor andrei) near Escobar GateHarvester Ants (Messor andrei)Harvester Ants (Messor andrei)Winged Female Harvester Ant (Messor andrei)Winged Female & Male Harvester Ants (Messor andrei) Leave the NestWinged Female Harvester Ant (Messor andrei)Harvester Ants (Messor andrei)Messor andrei with Insect HeadMessor andrei with Insect Head & BodyWinged Female Harvester Ants (Messor andrei) Leave the NestMessor andrei with BurdenWinged Female Harvester Ant (Messor andrei) Leaves the NestCalifornia Broad-necked Darkling Beetle (Coelocnemis californica -- or californicus)California Broad-necked Darkling Beetle (Coelocnemis californica -- or californicus)Wasp and Harvester Ants Share Grasshopper CarcassHarvester Ant (Messor andrei)Wasp Takes Harvester Ant!Wasp Takes Harvester Ant!Harvester Ant (Messor andrei)Yellowjacket and Harvester Ant (Messor andrei) Feed on Grasshopper Carcass