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November 8, 2016: After 7 years, I am finally putting this day up on my web site. It marks the first time I went birding out of Escobar Gate, I believe. Phil Leighton and the birding crew asked me, a docent, to guide them to where a rare phainopepla had been seen. We saw it again! Over that year and a year or two in the future (?), we saw at least two phainopepla at that tree, now named (by me) the "Phainopepla Tree": a lone valley oak, few leaves of its own, covered in mistletoe -- a favorite Phainopepla food.

I have not put titles on every slide -- too busy with the election. Please leave a comment if you know an ID! Thanks!
001JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9867002JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9875Dawn Light, Valley Oaks004JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9881Deer Tracks & Oak LeavesDawn View from near Escobar Gate007JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9899Dawn, Oak009JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9905010JRBP_DanQuinn_DSC5271Dawn, Oak, Radio Telescope012JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9933013JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9971Alert Doe015JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ9981Alert Doe (2)017JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ0048Three Deer019JRBP_DanQuinn_DJQ0105Uncertain Fawn